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Sector 7

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Open 7 days

More about Sector 7

Adventure that's out of this world

You are part of a team of intrepid space explorers. Your ship lands in unknown territory on Sector 7 and suddenly, you must protect your team from an alien invasion. Armed with your photon canon lazer gun, it's your job to lead them to safety through swirling fog and flashing lights. Be brave!

Sector 7 is the ultimate lazer experience, with amazing video effects, strobes, UV lighting and fog. It's a 4D experience you can't get anywhere else!

How it works
Each game of Sector 7 is 30 minutes long, with 10 minutes for briefing and 20 minutes of play. A member of the Tenpin team will be in the arena during all games to make sure that everything is okay and helath and safety regulations are met. All groups aged 16 and under must have a responsible adult in the arena with them. 

During school holidays Sector 7 will be open from 1000h.